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JACPA Helps Children's Dreams Come True!

We at JACPA have been nurturing children and helping them develop emotionally, mentally and physically for over 45 years. It is our belief that supporting and helping children develop in their early years is critically important to their future as it is during these formative years that their personality and character is fundamentally established. The effectiveness, acceptance and success of our programs is demonstrated by the fact that we now are offering our programs through out Japan .

Due to the success of our programs in Japan we are now expanding into other international areas. In April of 2005 JACPA sent its first teachers to Singapore to implement a gymnastics program.

International Division

These initial international programs, gymnastics and rhythm gymnastics, were very well received. Not only did the participants feel very positive about the program but many families decided to send their children to visit Japan and take a cross cultural program as a result of their experience in Singapore .

Due to this high level of acceptance and the success of JACPA Child Development Programs, both in Japan and abroad, it is now poised to offer these programs on a global basis. Please contact JACPA to discuss how their programs can be introduced abroad.





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