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JACPA's sports classes put emphasis not only on the child's physical development but on their overall personal development. Great value is placed on ensuring children develop mentally, socially and physically which helps them to be healthier, happier and more successful in life. JACPA has delivered this program to over 100,000 children and received great feedback on it's effectiveness.

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The body movement provided by this sports program is important to the healthy development of a child's body and growth. It is important that each child engage in these types of activities on a regular basis.

  • a 40 minute morning class once a week for a year
  • a 120 minute class once a week for a year
  • three 40 minute classes a week for a year
  • four 30 minute classes a week for a year
  • special events are also offered such as sports festivals, swimming and other outdoor activities
* JACPA will work with clients to develop addition options to meet their specific programming and scheduling requirements




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