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JACPA Corporation
〒 187-0041 1-7-14 Misono-cho Kodaira-shi Tokyo
(042)345-6111 Fax : (042)345-8088
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233,677,500 yen
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Help fully develop a child's mental, social and physical ability through the provision of:

* English Language Classes
* Sports

These classes are offered at kindergarten schools after their regularly scheduled child care programs have finished.

MIssion Statement

田中 光 氏

 Mr. Hikaru Tanaka, a past Japanese Olympic gymnastics team member, holds the position of advisor to JACPA on matters relating to their sports classes and program. Mr. Tanaka is currently an Assistant Professor at Senzoku Junior College and specializes in early childhood education.

Mr. Hikaru Tanaka notes that body movement is fundamental to every sport. As physical movement has a direct bearing on the physiological development of a child, sport should be an important component of every child's life. It is important for children to engage in physical activity and varied forms of body movement as it is in their younger years that this exercise is most beneficial to their growth.

Unfortunately, physical exercise in this era is not something that is strongly encouraged by most parents and the resultant possibility of child autonomic dysfunction and weak physical growth is increasing.

We at JACPA support children's growth through gymnastics and other sports to help ensure strong mental and physiological growth in children.



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