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JACPA's English language curriculum is designed to develop a child's English language skills as well as develop their personal character. Additional emphasis is placed on building self confidence, group communication and interaction skills, creativity and cross cultural understanding.

Childhood is the best time to acquire second language skills. The curriculum at JACPA is designed to further enhance the child's language and personal development capability by utilizing fun and creative approaches to learning. Games, songs and interesting interactive child centered activities are used there by making the learning experience more enjoyable and effective.

JACPA English Lesson's Features
  • all lessons are conducted by native English speakers.
  • our approach to learning is not through the use of memorization but through the use of an effective, fun and participative curriculum (see Curriculum below).
  • our affiliation with English Studio insures that we only hire well trained and motivated expatriate teachers.

Our progressive curriculum, English for Self-Awareness - ESA is an introduction to the world of learning through English. Emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of learning through songs, games, chants and activities that teach children about age appropriate themes.

Learning should be an enjoyable experience and we believe that a child learns best when they have a smile on their face.

The purpose of ESA 1 “I Am Special” is to provide the students with basic communication skills while building the student's awareness of his or her uniqueness.

ESA 2 “You Are Special” builds on ESA 1 by extending the students awareness to others around them. The students are encouraged to respect everyone's differences.

  • a 40 minute morning class once a week
  • a 120 minute class once a week
  • three 40 minute classes each week
  • four 30 minute classes each week
  • special events are offered such as sports festivals, swimming and other outdoor activities






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