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JACPA Helps Children's Dreams Come True!

The classes start by encouraging children to just enjoy the gymnastics and make friends. As their comfort level increases they are encouraged to develop more advanced skills. The program helps develop children's skills on the vaulting box, mat s , balance beam and high bar.

As the child's skills development it helps them to develop satisfaction with themselves and their self confidence increases.

JACPA's sports classes put emphasis not only on the child's physical development but on their overall personal development. Great value is placed on ensuring children develop mentally, socially and physically which helps them to be healthier, happier and more successful in life.

Physical Benefits For The Child

  • increased agility
  • improved sense of balance and flexibility
  • improved reaction time
  • improved stamina and strength


Mari Kosuge
past member of the Japanese National Gym team

I am Mari Kosuge a senior coach with JACPA and past member of the Japanese National Gym team. I started gymnastics at age three by attending the JACPA gymnastics classes. I took these classes for four years and I credit that experience for the love of gymnastics I have had all my life. Those childhood experiences have help me decide my future and given me many wonderful childhood memories. The classes helped develop my self confidence as I mastered one technique after another.

I am studying to become a professional coach and in the future want to share with children what the JACPA teachers have shared with me. JACPA has helped me get my start in life and I will always be thankful for that help.




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