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Rhythmic Gymnastics uses ribbon and balls coupled with very artistic and fluid gymnastic movements to create a beautiful choreographed routine. The classes focus not only on the physical techniques but on the personal expression skills that are required. Children begin at a very basic skipping and jumping skill level and further develop as they master these basic skills.

JACPA's sports classes put emphasis not only on the child's physical development but on their overall personal development. Great value is placed on ensuring children develop mentally, socially and physically which helps them to be healthier, happier and more successful in life.

  • the ratio of teacher to child is one to one creating a very personal and focused class
  • having fun is key to the class's objective
  • there is an annual recital held to allow each child to demonstrate their performing skills, have fun and build their self confidence
  • special events are also offered such as sports festivals, swimming and other outdoor activities




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